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I found really cute of Nate try to cheer up Joseph! He is an awesome friend! I love him for what he is doing, making Joseph happy! And I really can’t thank you enought for that (‘;

Thanks Nathaniel

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Jul 23, 2012


Santa Klaus. 

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Could you imagine if Damon and Stefan both lost Elena to a zebra?

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mah favorite couples in the vampire diaries!!!


WHY do you have the best tweets?

"the vampire barbie"

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This blog is dedicated only for tvd.
I ship klaroline so much and I'm team klaus above everything. Joseph Morgan is only mine ok ? ok.
I'm from Brazil so the episodes are legended in portuguese here (:
I hope you enjoy and my ask box is open, just saying ...

“I fancy you. Is that so hard to believe?
You're beautiful, you're strong,
you're full of light. I enjoy you.”